10 Breakfast Foods One Should Avoid for Good Health

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it is also important to know what exactly to eat so that you make a healthy start to the day.

It’s but natural that people would like to have a healthy, tasty, filling and wholesome breakfast.

Here are some breakfast foods that one should skip if one wants to make a healthy start to the day.

1. Sugary  cereals

Many breakfast cereals are packed with added sugars, artificial flavours, and colours. They provide empty calories and can lead to a sugar crash later in the day.

2. Pancakes or waffles

Pancakes and waffles, though delicious, aren't the healthiest morning fuel. They're typically made with refined flour and topped with sugary butter and syrup.

3. Buttered toast

Buttered toast, a popular breakfast choice, lacks protein and won't sustain you for long. Most of its calories come from the carbs in the bread and the fat from the butter.

4. Puris

Keep away from anything that is fried, especially in the morning for breakfast. Puris are deep fried and due to this, it will cause acidity and heart burn.

5. Processed fruit juices

Most store-bought fruit juices are high in added sugars, artificial flavours, and lack the fibre found in whole fruits.

6. Store-bought smoothies

Pre-made smoothies often contain added sugars, artificial ingredients, and lack the nutrients found in homemade versions.

7. High-sugar yogurts

Many flavored yogurts contain high amounts of added sugars and artificial flavours, negating the health benefits of yogurt.

8. Sugary coffee drinks

Specialty coffee drinks like mochas, frappes, or caramel macchiatos can be a sweet fix full of sugar.

9. Parathas

Stay away from parathas especially those made from maida. They are unhealthy for the digestive system and thus leads to that nauseous feeling.

10. Maggie Noodles

Maggi, an instant noodle is made up of refined flour and oil. Maida or refined flour doesn't come with any health benefits or nutritional value.

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